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Young Norwegian Kid Opens His Mom’s Computer Account

At only 6 years old Nathan Johnsen story is incredible. Being an avid gamer Nathan wanted to have unlimited access to all the video games that he could play, with no age restriction or having to worry about their cost. While playing on his mothers computer he found a way to log in to his mother’s service account without the right password. Since the publication of this article the backdoor has been fixed after an acknowledgement of its vulnerability and a special thanks was given to Nathan for helping identify the problem and his is amazing intellect.

Nathan cleverly found a way which let him enter the account of his mother without having to know her password.  The main log in page he attempted multiple times to enter in her password based on the suggested hint, however after multiple failed attempted a second page opened. It was the area in which you put in the second password for verification but on this page all one had to do was to enter in the password hint to successfully enter. This has since being fixed due to Nathan’s mother contacting support and explaining the situation. There was no way she had made all those video game purchases on her account. The following response was given to Sandra, Nathan’s mother.

“We’re always listening to our customers and thank them for bringing issues to our attention. We take security seriously here and the issue has been resolved.”

From the ease of the backdoor which Nathan found is most probably a development backdoor which company’s usually put for developers and testers.   The kind of backdoors are used at the testing stage of page creation, which are then taken down when the fully service is released. It looks as if this was forgotten in the patch release. The wonders of how a child of Nathans age was the one to bring attention to the problem is incredible and shows just how much of an impact technology has on the younger generations of today.

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