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Neighbour Opens Their Door To An Unexpected Kid Carrying His Baby Sister

When parenting it is important to teach kids valuable lessons about safety to prepare them for the possibility of  an emergency situation. Not only should kids learn how to be prepared for emergency situations when they happen but they should also learn how to be more careful in order to help reduce such situations from occurring in the first place. A mother from Austin discovered the value in preparing her family when the unexpected happened one evening and the family home had caught fire.

The mother came home from running her usual errands only to discover that her home was on fire. As a mother of 3 she feared the worst as the inferno took control and was blocking the main doorway to the home. Consumed by panic she stood frozen in place in the driveway as she watched on helplessly. It was in that moment that something incredible happened. Her 5 year old son, had carried both of his baby sisters out of the home through the back door and visited the neighbour for help. When the neighbour opened her door for him, she immediately realized something was very wrong. The neighbour immediately called the local emergency services. Her young son’s level head and calm actions no doubt saved himself and his two sisters.

“He’s so smart and had such quick reactions, I will never forget that, I count my blessings that he remembered his training”.

This wonderful story shows both the courage of a young child as well as the importance of having a carefully outlined family emergency plan. A study shows that under 20% of homes within the greater Dublin developed and practiced a home fire escape plan. To increase the chances of avoiding loss we have outlined some practical advice for families to follow when creating a family emergency plan.

1. Plan The Route.
Come up with a plan when everyone is present and listening carefully. Perhaps the dinner table. Discuss the best option for evacuation, either the main door or windows. Assign a meeting location outside the home where everyone should assemble when they have left the home.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice
It is true that practice makes perfect. Be sure to repeatedly drill the plan especially when the family has younger children. By creating the repeated memory through acting out the drill it will stick in the minds better. It is important to practice crawling out on the ground to avoid smoke and also to try with a blindfold.

3. Prepare For The Worst
Stop, Drop, and Roll. The famous saying that still holds true today. If there is a baby in the home discuss who goes to help the child immediately. Also some fires may be stopped before they take hold, discuss and research the different types of fire and how to deal with them, but if ever in doubt leave the home and call the professionals.

We hope this story was both inspiring as well as informative. Hopefully you can use the information provided to help increase your family safety and wellbeing. If you want to hear more heart warming stories or just keep up to date on similar information please subscribe to our mailing list. Also be sure to check out the web-store for practical, affordable and quality products.

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