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Husband Who Lost His Wife Gets A Surprising Phone Call

Back in the early 2000’s a heartwarming story of triumph over adversity began. Jack Prendergast was a happily married man with his wife of 7 years and three children. A simple man whose greatest joy was spending time with his family and making sure they were all safe and secure. Living in a small village in northern Norway Jack spent his days working on a wood mill and in the evenings was a loving and caring father to both his children and wife. Sadly one day Jack realised that even with his best efforts and hard work to keep his family happy and healthy some things were outside of his control. Merissa, his wife of 7 years was diagnosed with cancer. It was a battle that she lost in the end but that didn’t stop Jack from self raising funds for the best possible care, all while juggling three small children and a job.


Several years later Jack remarried and his children had grown up into successful adults. Jack, though still grieving his loss never gave up and continued to help any people within his community that needed help with the loss of a loved one. One day he received a phone call that would change the course of his life. A non profit organisation that was responsible for the strengthening of family units during times of grief had heard of Jack's story and wished to make him a mascot for the cause, to raise awareness and much needed funds. Jack story became a symbol of hope throughout Norway for people and families dealing with hardship and finding happiness in the end.


Non profit organisations are always in need of help. Donations are the primary form of funding of these vital organisations. If you are not able to gift your time and energy into volunteering then its just as helpful giving what you can. Without non profit organisations millions of peoples lives would be worse off. Here are a few organisations listed below that help people affected by grief.


The Compassionate Friends.

This is an organisation dedicated to strengthening bonds of fellowship. It helps families that are isolated and feeling hopeless with the passing of a child. It holds a year candle lightening ceromancy to highlight the power of unity.


The Solace Tree

A grief support program that gives help to both children and adults across the globe. With group sessions as well as helpful instructional lectures for people to learn from this organisation has help thousands dealing with their emotions.


One Bright Star

Dealing with an individual's mental health during a period of grieving. The loss can be difficult to bear alone. Helpful community remembrance programs as well as one on one counselling is offered.


We have just picked a few of our favourite charities but there are countless others in need of help to continue their good work. Have a look into the few listed above and see if you feel like making a contribution. If you enjoyed the heart-warming story of Jack and are interested in reading more similar blogs and articles than subscribe to our mailing list. You will also receive a 15% discount at our webstore on your first purchase, so be sure to have a look at the quality products.

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