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Auckland Philanthropic Is Donating All He Can To Help Kiwis

After a lifetime of building wealth he wants to make New Zealand a better place by giving most of his gains away to benefit the everyday Kiwi. The question to be asked is what drives a philanthropic to donate such an amount (100$ million) environment and education projects? Mr Neal Plowman from Auckland has spent much of his adult life in business and can attribute his success to his upbringing and education within such a stable and giving community. Without the infrastructure of healthcare, education, policing etc Mr Plowman certainly would not have reached the heights in which he has today, therefore he wishes to share his successes and wealth with his fellow countryman in the hopes that many others can benefit and succeed in his path. For more than a decade, the Plowmans have quietly channelled their considerable wealth into a select bunch of education and conservation initiatives and beneficiaries - including the Auckland City Mission, Lifeline, the Auckland University business school and Abel Tasman National Park.


New Zealand prides itself on its parks and nature which instills a strong sense of environmentally aware people. It is one of the greenest countries on the planet and with the generous donations made by Mr Plowman and other philanthropists it continues to pave the way for a brighter future which every Kiwi can relish in. We listed a brief outline on what Mr Plowman has done for his fellow Kiwis.


Project Janszoon

The Project Janszoon Trust aims to restore a notable park which brings more than 150,000 visitors each year.


Rotoroa Island Trust

Recreating a wonderful park with a state of the art visitor centre and planting of 400,000 native plants. Partnered with Auckland Zoo the introduction of native birds and reptiles and has been a significant success.


Teach First NZ

Dediated to helping graduates and educators in the law sector. Associated with Auckland University it aims to help young people to fulfil their potential


Auckland University Business School

A $10m endowment fund to support post-graduate scholarships and fellowships, research, teaching projects and visiting experts.


Auckland City Mission Capital Foundation.

Funding to support the ongoing activity of the foundation and relive some of the fiscal stress associated with mission charities.


It is evident in todays society that some of the most successful people are giving back to the less well off and it is truly wonderful. If you wish to read more stories and posts of similar nature then subscribe to our mailing list and be sure to check out the webstore for quality products.

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